What Can We Support You


We are currently seeking agents and distributors worldwide, and this presents an excellent opportunity to collaborate with us.

OEM & ODM Service

If you're searching for a trustworthy OEM factory, feel free to get in touch with us as we have the capability to meet almost all of your needs with confidence.


If you are interested in developing a distinctive fabric, we are the perfect choice for you, as we possess 10 experienced ingredient engineers who can help you achieve your desired outcome.

Brand Management 


What's our agent

As a GUIDE brand agent, you are authorized to utilize the GUIDE brand name for selling GUIDE products in your local market. Moreover, you are entitled to use the GUIDE brand name for other business activities related to the sale of GUIDE products, such as promotional and marketing efforts.

Our Agent's advantage

  • Protection of the market

  • Expansion of the market

  • Support for pricing

  • Access to exclusive new products

  • Expedited delivery options


To be our agent without hesitation

If you are interested in expanding your non woven packing business, we believe that now is the optimal time to seize this opportunity.

OEM & ODM Service

With a track record of 18 years, we have successfully delivered numerous OEM solutions, indicating our vast experience in meeting customer’s specific requirements. Therefore, if you have any custom needs, please feel free to reach out to us without hesitation.

Product Customize

We have the capability to meet your specific material requirements for the product, should you have any.

Logo Customize

Printing logos on products is a simple process, especially for us as a factory. We can easily accomplish this task.

Quality Control

We attach great importance to product quality control, in order to ensure that we can provide customers with the most satisfactory service experience.


Non Woven Packing Products Customization

How to customize non woven packaging product?

First, customers need to provide specific requirements such as product size, color, and design. Then, our team of designers will create a sample based on the customer’s specifications.


Customers also have the option to customize the product further by adding logos, brand names, or other designs. We can create non woven packaging products that are tailored to their specific needs and requirements.


We highly advise against customizing products without samples, as not all products can be customized flawlessly. Our designers assess the feasibility of product customization based on their expertise and experience.